Cyborg Institute License Statement

This document outlines the terms the terms and approach to copyright licensing for Cyborg Institute projects. The Institute consists almost entirely of intellectual output (i.e. texts, software, code, and documentation,) constructed in the context of an open community exchange. This licensing statement serves to make explicit principals that lead to the licensing choices for Institute projects, as well as to provide a single source for the site licensing statement.


The content and product of the Cyborg Institute are:

  • a community effort, rooted in open conversations, methods, and collaboration.
  • respectful and supportive of the freedom and rights of users and contributors.
  • intentionally sustainable and built to support itself and endure into the future independent of specific leadership and technology.

In light of these goals, institute projects tend to prefer licenses on the copyleft spectrum, although some projects use more permissive terms when appropriate.


See relevant LICENSE or COPYING in the repository of the project for explicit terms, and licensing. For, and unless otherwise specified, you may receive all content under the terms of a license that, both:

  • allows you to copy, modify, and redistribute all content or software as long as you also provide access to the source for your changes.
  • ensures that anyone that receives the content or software from you will have the same rights as you had when you received the work.

These terms do not constitute license. Choose an acceptable license from the following list.


Suitable licenses may include:

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Cyborg Institute is a collection of free software/open source projects and texts that address technological issues from a cyborg/humanist perspective.