The Cyborg Institute

Welcome to the Cyborg Institute! The “Institute,” somewhat in-jest, has been an attempt at building an ad hoc virtual think tank in the tradition of free software. The Cyborg Institute has always addressed issues at the intersection of technology, society/culture, and the individual user.

Currently, the Institute operates as a publishing/hosting umbrella and as a home for several projects and tools. For more extensive information about the current projects, their state, and their goals see the “Projects Overview” page. To join an existing Institute project or contribute to an existing project, see the “Participating in the Institute” page. And always feel free to be in contact.”



Active and In Development:

  • buildcloth (a makefile generator tool.)
  • dtf (a generic documentation testing framework.)
  • csc (an incremental static site compiler.)


See “Projects Overview” for more information.


Cyborg Institute

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Cyborg Institute

Cyborg Institute is a collective free software/open source publishing, consulting, and services umbrella. The Institute supports individuals working on projects that address technological issues from a cyborg perspective.