The process of consolidating information or data from a wide number of input sources into a single manageable output.
In Taskfile operation, most source files are normal files that contain content and notes, as well as potential actionable task items. The flow file, is an exception, and operates as a scratch space for ad hoc tasks and actionable items that don’t merit their own file, or for situations when you need to capture a large number of notes and tasks at once.
future list
A tasklist filtered from the primary $(OUTPUT) according to the FUTURE_FILTER. Use to segregate non-actionable tasks that are beyond the current horizon, or in a dependent or frozen state.
A string that you can use to identify a task item in a plain text file. Taskfile’s default configuration assumes that keywords are strings of all-capital letters at the beginning of a line.
In Make terminology a (build) target refers to the output generated according to the process defined by the makefile.
The output of the Taskfile build process. The $(OUTPUT) generates this file in the default build.
The values that configure the machine and environmental specific operation of Taskfile. Full documentation is available in the variables section of the internals reference.
work list
A tasklist filtered from the primary $(OUTPUT) according to the WORK_FILTER (typically based on filename.) Used to segregate non-actionable tasks or different spheres of work from each other.

Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler

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