Projects in Development

This document contains an overview of projects that are in progress, or under heavy current development and have not offered a release’

See also

Projects Overview” for an overview of actively developed projects and projects released versions, and “Contact Cyborg Institute Administrators” if you want to have your project included in the Institute.

CSC, Cyborg Site Compiler

csc is a static site compiler in the tradition of Jekyll, Ikiwiki, and Sphinx. In brief the goals of this project are to:

  • focus on faster and more reliable incremental builds.
  • focus on generalizable content generation possibilities rather than specific blog-like, wiki-like, or documentation-like output.
  • separate site generation, data aggregation, and build system components into distinct stages and processes without needing to share substantial state.

The goal is that this system will be fast for generating sites, particularly with large numbers of pages. The design also permits extensible and flexibility with regards to filters and output. Most importantly, csc will be able to handle real-world workflows.

See Cyborg Site Generator (csc) for the working documentation for the initial development version of csc.

Computing for Cyborgs

As a follow up to Systems Administration for Cyborgs, this project will provide a basic introduction to fundamental computing concepts that all “cyborgs” ought to understand to obtain a functional “Literacy of Computing.” The intended audience for this project are non- and less-technical users. Topics may include:

  • Networking Design and Components
  • Network Protocols and Layers
  • Software Development Methods
  • Application Architecture and Design
  • Programming and Coding
  • Infrastructure and Services
  • Interfaces and Users

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