Projects Overview

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Projects in Development” for an overview of projects in the development stage, and “Contact Cyborg Institute Administrators” if you want to have your project included in the Institute.


Systems Administration for Cyborgs

Systems Administration for Cyobrgs provides an introduction for technical audiences to basic systems administration concepts and problem domains.

Systems Administration for Cyobrgs addresses topics that include:

  • database scaling,
  • monitoring,
  • high availability,
  • backups,
  • dev-ops,
  • production/testing environments,
  • web services, and
  • “the cloud.”

Additionally several chapters provide an overview of the history of contemporary technology as well as the basic strategy, tactics, and required skills for systems administration.

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dtf, a Documentation Testing Framework

dtf is a test runner, designed to help coordinate and enforce consistency requirements for large documentation projects, though its implementation may be more broadly useful. Ideally dtf will help facilitate easy, regular and automated testing for documentation source and production output, and ease the burden burden of manual consistency editing and checking, and help increase the quality of tests without increasing the workload for editors and documentation maintainers.

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Buildfile Generator, a Makefile Automation

Buildfile Generator is a simple lightweight interface to generate Makefiles by writing Python code. Buildfile doesn’t have any specific “knowledge” of how to process any specific input or output file. build any specific kind of file, and is generic with regards to the kinds of build processes it is applicable. From a high level, exists to make: potentially complex or repetitive build systems more manageable, maintainable, and clear than would be otherwise possible using native Make syntax, with more flexibility than you would have with a Make-replacement.

Legacy Projects

The represent cool projects from the past that are just here for archival purposes.

stl, a Personal Logging Script

A tool that collects data about project word counts along with arbitrary logging.

Desktop Configuration Stack

A collection of configuration files for Emacs and StumpWM as a starting point for new users.


A half-baked, but thoroughly documented attempt to use GNU Make to compile a task list, from items embedded in a project’s source files.