Buildcloth, a Build System Generator

Buildcloth is a Python library for specifying build systems. You can think of Buildcloth as a meta-build toolkit, but it’s really about defining and maintaining complex multi-stage processes as easily as possible. There are three different tools in the buildcloth toolkit:

  • Simple procedural interfaces for generating build system definition files for Make and Ninja, in easy to use Python.
  • A higher level cross-tool abstraction layer for specifying build-rules that you can use to generate Makefile and output.
  • A simple stage-based Python tool for defining and running concurrent (i.e. multiprocessing) Python-based build systems with minimal overhead.

Although these components are distinct and are available for independent use, they provide a basis for building and combining ad-hoc tools to orchestrate and implement build systems, without risking insanity or fragility.


API Documentation
Full documentation of the entire Buildcloth implementation.
Buildcloth Tutorials

A basic tutorial that introduces installing Buildcloth as well as integrating Buildcloth into your existing build automation workflow.

Build System Background
Introduces the fundamentals of build tool automation, requirements and design.
Generate Makefiles with Buildcloth Metabuild Tools
Describes the process of using buildcloth meta-build API to generate Makefiles.
Design Build Systems
A high level introduction to build system design and implementation.
Define and Run Builds With buildc
Describes the process and format for specifying and running buildsystems using buildc.

Buildcloth, a Build-system Generator

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