err – Common Exceptions

exception err.BuildClothBaseError(msg=None)

Base error class for all generated build file errors.

exception err.BuildClothError(msg=None)

BuildClothError is the primary exception base class for Buildcloth.

When raised with a string, the resulting exception will return the error message.

msg = None

A message included exception message.

exception err.BuildStagesError(msg=None)

Base error class for all build stage errors.

exception err.DependencyCheckError(msg=None)

Raised after attempting to perform an impossible or incorrect dependency rebuild check.

exception err.DuplicateBlock(msg=None)

Raised when inserting a duplicate block to avoid overwriting data.

exception err.InvalidBuilder(msg=None)

Raised when a builder block is not valid.

exception err.InvalidJob(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to add or modify an invalid job in a build system.

exception err.InvalidRule(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to specify an impossible in rules.

exception err.InvalidStage(msg=None)

Raised when an element in a BuildSystem or BuildSteps object is malformed or erroneous. Only the “strict” modes will raise this exception, and would otherwise return False.

exception err.InvalidSystem(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to manipulate build invalid BuildSystem objects.

exception err.MalformedBlock(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to insert an invalid block.

exception err.MalformedContent(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to insert malformed content to builder.

exception err.MalformedRawContent(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to insert malformed raw content directly to a build system object.

exception err.MissingBlock(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to access a builder block that does not exit.

exception err.NinjaClothError(msg=None)

Raised by the Ninja interface when constructing Ninja builders.

exception err.StageClosed(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to modify or re-close a finalized build BuildSystem or BuildSteps object.

exception err.StageRunError(msg=None)

Raised when attempting to run build system jobs.

exception err.TargetError(msg=None)

Raised when encountering an error in an attempt to narrow a build system.