Documentation Testing Framework

The Documentation Testing Framework, or dtf is a tool for specifying consistency tests for documentation to help ameliorate the maintenance costs for large documentation projects that target rapidly changing software.

Users specify “cases” to describe abstract conditions by writing simple Python modules, and then define “tests” using a simple YAML-based document form that describe specific situations where a case must hold true. See the tutorial for more information on getting started with dtf.


API Documentation
Full documentation of the dtf and the examples in cases that comprise dtf.
Use dtf for Documentation Consistency Testing
A basic tutorial that introduces installing dtf as well as integrating dtf into your existing documentation workflow.
Consistency Testing Strategy and Background
A high-level overview of the dtf project goals, the problems with manual consistency testing, and the ways that dtf can help documentations teams of all size produce great documentation.
dtf Manual Page
A UNIX-style man page that provides an overview for use and operation of the test runner.

dtf, Documentation Test Framework

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