lnote Internals


lnote is a basic example of a sauron and stl, wrapper. It allows users to insert messages into the message

Practically being able to insert arbitrary messages into the log is great for personal logging because it allows you to provide a little bit of context. At only 45 lines, the module also demonstrates the small account of code required to extend and collect data for the personal log.


lnote depends on the following Python modules:

Internal Modules

Standard Library Components



Defines the basic basic command-line interaction. If the sauron.emacs_daemons list is empty then it suppresses Sauron notification.

Takes no arguments and returns the argparse parsed arguments.

lnote.send_message(note, target)

Creates and object of the sauron.NotificationMessage class and sends the message. Also writes the message to a log. If you need to modify the loggoing output, edit this part of the module.


The primary entry point into lnote. Simply calls the cli() method and pass its data into send_message().


In general lnote is a skeleton stl tool. To create new tools:

Everything else is standard.