lnote Manual


lnote provides a simple way to add an arbitrary note to the log and notification system. While most of the information included in the stl output log is automatically generated, lnote allows you to provide context, to make manual log analysis easier.


lnote depends on the following components:

  • argparse, part of the Python standard library as of 2.7, and installable separately for some earlier versions.
  • socket, part of the Python standard library, used to include the hostname in the log output.
  • datetime, part of the Python standard library, used to build timestamps for log output.
  • sauron, to provide an interface to Sauron by way of emacsclient.
  • wc_track, to provide local configuration information.


--help, h

Returns a brief help message regarding available options and output.

--target <daemon>, -t <daemon>

For users that run multiple named emacs daemon instances, this option allows you to send the Sauron notification to a specific named instances. Chosen from a list of daemons named in the sauron script.

--message <message>, -m <message>

A string containing the arbitrary message to add to the notification.


A typical invocation of lnote resembles the following:

lnote -t hud -m 'message here'