sauron Manual


The sauron program is simply a symbolic link to, for more “native feeling” command line use.


sauron is a Python module that provides an interface to Sauron via the command line and emacsclient. Sauron is a notification system for emacs. sauron also provide a command line interface for sending messages to Sauron for use in other shell scripts.


--help, -h

Returns a brief help message regarding available options and output.

--priority <int>, -p <int>

Defines the priority of messages. Typically Sauron ignores all notification events with priority values lower than 3, though users may configure other defaults.

--target <daemon>, -t <daemon>

For users that run multiple named emacs daemon instances, this option allows you to send the Sauron notification to a specific named instances. Chosen from a list of daemons defined in

--source <source>, -s <source>

A short arbitrary string for use Sauron’s Orig field.

--message <message>, -m <message>

A string containing the arbitrary message to add to the notification.


A typical invocation from a system shell resembles the following:

sauron -t hud -p 3 'This is the text of the message.'

To send a Sauron notification from a Python module using sauron, ensure that is in your Python path, and then use code that resembles the following:

import sauron

message = sauron.NotificationMessage(source='system',
                                     message='This is the text of the message.',


See the documentation of the sauron.NotificationMessage class for more information about this interface.